Adult chat room ratings best christian senior dating sites

I showed this to the mod who said it was impossible to hack her account. This hacker was one of her brown nosed chat buddies. You just needed to get another screen name and you could be back in 5 minutes or less.

The mod would ban a profile pic that wasn't erotic but it just showed cleavage, jealous of other guys chatting to her prolifically and not with the mod anymore.

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Don't be surprised to see people having "cyber sex" right out in the open...

Even the most silly posts get anger from the mods and you will get dinged. Watch out for people like Willy Trev0r, Beja Prince, Handsome Sr, Cu TGirl, Killa Cam JR, Wendy Gibson, Gintre, Dwayne101, Melisa0, list goes on. I like it :) nice people and cool chill amazing awesome people.

However, they will probably know your email and mac addresses. Its just fake people that are the problem such as ' Hotpocketz', ' Hurricanecx' and many more. The site is unsupervised by moderators, therefore it's full of pedophiles such as : Ugly Like You, Spannerface, aznsushichef.

Threats and ur private information are posted there and they still nothing. I'm divorced and got my 12 year old sons tablet this morning found messages between him and a boy who my guess is around 17. When I get ahold of this company I will shut it down. I stick to the Adult Room, which has been my home for the past 10 years. There are even people there that have been there longer than me; and it's awesome that everyone knows everyone, but we are also always open to newcomers. You may walk into a conversation about necrophilia, holiday plans, scat-play, pizza toppings, or a romping-fun time with a verbal battle of the wits with trolls, cloners, and others who perfect the art of fighting online!

No mods in the Chatrooms but the censored room and even there the mods are unfair with how they monitor the room. Sometimes it's so busy it's hard to read everything, and other times it's totally dead for up to a half hour at a time.

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