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The applicants are also requested to visit website of the Indian Mission concerned for detailed information about Indian visa. All Individual visa seekers are requested to apply for the Indian Visa through online application link. Power to exempt citizens of Common-wealth countries and other persons from application of Act in certain cases. 2[(3) Any authority prescribed in this behalf may with respect to any particular foreigner make orders under clause (e) 2[or clause (f)] of sub-section (2).] 4[3A.

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The instructions for filling the form and scheduling the appointment can be seen at Instructions for Regular Visa Application. Governement of India issues the following visas: e-Visa, Business Visa, Conference Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Employment Visa, Emergency Visa, Entry Visa, Journalist Visa, Medical Visa, Missionaries Visa, Permit to re-enter within 2 months, Research Visa, Student Visa, Tourist Visa, Transit Visa, Intern Visa, Film Visa. Please follow the link for details on Visa Provision and supporting documents Upon receipt of the Visa Application through Indian Visa Application Center or directly, the Indian Mission/ Post requires a minimum of three working days to process the case and issue a visa depending upon the nationality and excluding special cases. Important technical information for filling online Indian visa application can be referred at Technical Instructions. The status of Visa Application can be seen on the link for Visa Enquiry.

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