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Nothing sounds like a Rick, or has the vibe of a Rick.Get this one, as nice as a new one hanging in your local store with no scratches and zero fret wear, for 99.

Fender used a genuine lacquer finish on this model that will age beautifully as the years go by.

Pickups are especially important on a Jazz since they jump out of the mix more than a P-bass and Fender chose an excellent set for this model with a pair of Pure Vintage '64 Jazz Bass single-coils. 2009 Rickenbacker 330 Mapleglo, (front), (headstock), (back), (case).

A pair of stacked concentric pots control Volume 1, Tone 1, Volume 2 and Tone 2. True classic from Rick in lovely Mapleglo, the finish that lets shows all the grain in the maple.

With a new cost of 9, save some bucks on this mint (played one time) example.

9 includes original tweed case, Sweetwater inspection list, and factory paperwork.

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