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Micro-management, favoritism, high turnover rates, sub-par pay, and no opportunity for advancement outside of this llocattion.

Rat an das Management Truly care about the employees who make this company successful!

Instead of just telling your employeees about all of the growth in business and how much money YOU are making, recognize the employees who actually contributed to that growth by rewarding them with monetary incentives.

An exceptional performance review should merit more than a 25 cent an hour annual raise!

If a contract is lost, the company will have to lay off.

The pay was a little low, the benefit were a little high and we were paid twice a month at the time.

A B C D F I L M N O P Q R S T U The ACOEM Guidelines combine findings from the highest quality studies in treatment for work-related injury and illness with the experience and contributions of some of the most esteemed medical specialty experts, creating a state-of-the art reference for managing common health problems and functional recovery in workers.

Also people can talk and get their work done you don't need to babysit your employees they are all adults.

For additional information, click here to access the Insurance Council of New Jersey ( or State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance ( websites.

The evaluation and adjudication of provider bills for appropriateness of charges relating to medical necessity, prevailing rates, duplicate charges, unbundling of charges, relativeness of services to injury or illness, necessity of assistant surgeons, adjudication of multiple procedures, number of modalities, global procedures, and any other prevailing adjudication issues that may apply.

Designed specifically for auto payers, AIMS professionals, through the prospective review of medical treatment and procedures, determine whether the policyholder is receiving the appropriate level of medical care and whether the treatment plan is medically necessary.

This New Jersey act requires practitioners to provide notification of intended medical procedures, treatments, diagnostic tests or other services, non-medical expenses and durable medical equipment.

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