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Historicized by Zizek in the sense of Thinking on the edge, as it were, from a standpoint which did not exist before but has opened just now.That is another reason why there can be no ultimate metalanguage—the standpoint keeps changing.It is a matter of Antigone becoming aware of the law which has been moving her. In Hegel always after the fact, like Athene's owl taking flight at night.The Act, the Deed, clarifies or retroactively brings to light its motives.Language most shows a man: speak, that I may see thee.It springs out of the most retired and inmost parts of us, and is the image of the parent of it, the mind.Moreover, Antigone goes on to poeticise her own story, in analogy to another story she rememebers: this way she starts mythifying herself, and (for Hegel) signalling the passage from tragedy to comedy.She is not merely caught in her act, but rises beyond it to an understanding and evaluation of it once its true nature becomes clear to her.

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(Of course one can argue that Hegel's perspectival focus on the idea is an axiomatic perspectival choice, a focus of attention).We humans do many things which do not have a utilitarian value (Zizek is looking for the word exaptation, spandrels, etc.—mixing it up a bit with the concept of sexual selection).Pinker and the "chocolate fudge" idea of the mind, exaptation gone wild.Kant's extreme of rationality—Lacan said that Sade was the truth of Kant, meaning not that Kant was a sadist, but that Sade was a Kantian.Don Giovanni, another Kantian: his choice of hell is ethical, he sticks to his own responsibility and to the truth of his actions (rationally) even though it will not benefit him.

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