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Fino alla rivoluzione sessuale degli anni sessanta non c'era una terminologia generalmente riconosciuta per descrivere la non-eterosessualità, che non avesse un significato spregiativo (ad esempio sodomiti).

Un possibile termine correlato era "terzo sesso", che risale agli anni sessanta del XIX secolo, ma non prese mai piede negli Stati Uniti.

Two facts lend an aura of credence to the rumor that Jamie Lee was born with both male and female bodyparts.

The first is her two-way name: According to the rumor, a boyish appellation was bestowed upon her by parents who hadn’t yet decided whether to have a boy or a girl “made” of their baby and wanted to be prepared to go either way, but that wasn’t the case of it.

(As is often the case, appearances were deceiving: Curtis and Leigh divorced in 1962 after eleven years of marriage, and there were more difficult times ahead for both of them.) It’s thus possible that the current rumor about Jamie Lee stems from an ancient backlash against her parents, long-ago envy expressed as a slander about what the union of two “perfect” people had produced.

Though couples opt for adoptive children over natural progeny for any number of reasons, it is true the operation necessary to correct dual gendering in a female infant would leave her unable to bear children.Janet Leigh explained how she came to choose the name: At that time, we didn’t know ahead of time if it would be a girl or a boy, so when I was pregnant with Kelly, my best friend Jackie Gershwin said, “Why don’t you call the baby Kelly, so if it’s a girl, it works, and if it’s a boy, it works? The babies were named before they were born because Jackie said, “This way, we won’t have to worry about it!” If the names were truly chosen before the children arrived, that puts paid to the notion that ‘Jamie Lee’ was so christened in response to a medical condition that would only have been discovered after her delivery.Le Daughters of Bilitis si divisero nel 1970 sulla direzione su cui concentrarsi: femminismo o diritti lgbt.In quanto l'uguaglianza era una priorità per le femministe lesbiche, la disparità di ruoli tra uomini e donne o butch and femme erano considerate patriarcali.

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