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The registration and licensing fees should not be weighted to influence the type of vehicle that a motorist buys, for example charging a higher fee for vehicles with larger engines as a measure to combat climate change.Motorists choose to buy a larger car for many different and valid reasons, for example to transport a large family, or for towing.These motorists already contribute more for their choice of vehicle via taxes at the fuel pump.If you've registered a vehicle and the customer fails to take possession, you need to complete an Application to reverse registration (form MR2D) within 28 days of the registration date.This is the label that is displayed on your windscreen.The AA is authorised by the NZ Transport Agency to be Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agents.Renewing your registration can be done online at anytime - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The combination of numbers and letters on the plate is used to identify the vehicle, and enables it to be traced to an owner.It is broken down as: The standard penalty for driving an unregistered or unlicensed car is 0, but from , Police have been able to issue driver licence demerit points for these offences.The introduction of demerits is intended to be a more effective deterrent to those who try to avoid paying their annual vehicle re-licence fees.The fee helps pay for motoring-related costs and initiatives.The licence fee goes to the National Land Transport Fund for road construction, and to safety programmes run by the New Zealand Transport Agency and the Police.

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