For the purposes of the demonstration, it will be as simple as returning you the sum of two values. See screenshot below: Of course, you should test it first: For the curious, it returned 3 ;)Ok, now we need to publish it somewhere in the network and make sure we can access it! For 'Return Value' - click on it, Assign, set 'Map To' to Smart Object Property (i.e. Everything works perfectly, your Smart Object is ready to be consumed from a workflow! I will reuse the K2 solution we already have and just add the new project to it.

I will use Visual Studio 2008 to create a new 'ASP. Right click the solution, Publish.'Publish' it somewhere on your local hard drive and make sure you map it in IIS to a virtual directory. you are storing the result in a property of the Smart Object). You should end up with: Click OK and finish the wizard. Expand the Smart Objects section, find your Sample Service Smart Object, expand it until you see the Sum method. From the Toolbox, drag and drop a new Smart Object event.

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We are done with the service, it's in the network, it works, it is ready to be registered as a service instance. Let's verify that by going to the K2 server and opening . This could be K2 Data Fields from your process, or actual hardcoded sample values.

Click on the Add button and populate the URL field. In the next screen set names to something that makes sense to you and click Save. For the purpose of the demo, we will just bind them to '2' and '54'.

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